Keep Better Track of Your Wires: Custom Made Wiring Harnesses in Auckland

Are you tired of losing track of which wires are which, or wasting space on bunches and bundles of loose wires? If so, a wiring harness may be in order. A well-designed wire harness can assist with everything from organisation to durability. At BJC, we manufacture wiring harnesses in Auckland and serve many businesses and industries in New Zealand, Australia and beyond. If you need a custom made wiring harness in Auckland, we are the supplier to provide it.

The Benefits of Using a Custom Wiring Harnesses

A wiring harness that has been carefully designed and perfected to meet the needs of your installation or operation can provide multiple benefits. These advantages include:

  • Organisation: Loose bundles or braids of wires can quickly become tangled. Even if they don’t, keeping track of which wire is which can be confusing and time-consuming, and can create considerable opportunity for error. With a custom wiring harness in Auckland, you and your team will be able to keep better track of which wires serve which functions. Most wiring harnesses include custom colour coding, which goes a long way towards eliminating confusion. This additional organisation streamlines operations, saves time, and cuts down on human error.
  • Space-saving properties: We think of wires as small, thin, and slight. However, when you are running many wires and cables in one place, all the loose strands can add up. At best, all these wires and cables result in a waste of space. At worst, they turn into tangled masses. A wiring harness puts your wires and cables into sheaths or sleeves. By compacting everything into smaller bundles, the harness saves you lots of space. This compact design is especially crucial if you are working on an automobile or appliance, where wire space is limited already.
  • Durability: At BJC, we manufacture both cable assemblies and wiring harnesses in Auckland. Both products can prevent tangled wires, short outs, and other common wiring issues. Depending on the environment in which you are running wire, we can also design something that provides added protection for your wires. Wire harnesses and especially cable assemblies can serve as a further barrier against abrasions, heat, and other hazards. If you are working in an extreme environment, let us know. We will factor any installation hazards into our wiring harness designs.

As you can see, using custom made wiring harnesses for your Auckland business can save you time, extend the lifespan of your wires and provide extra peace of mind.

Call BJC about Your Custom Wiring Harness in Auckland

If you need wiring harnesses or cable assembles in Auckland, look no further than BJC. We can work with you to design the perfect solution for your application. Over the years, we have developed wiring organisation and protection solutions to companies in a wide range of industries, including automotive and telecommunications. We look forward to putting our wide-ranging experience to work for you.

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