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Thermofin: F8 Series

Air Heating Elements F865 & F886 Series continuous spiral stainless steel fin on 8mm diameter stainless steel element. Diameter over fin 25mm. Fin pitch 5.0mm nominal

Thermofin: F11 Series

Air Heating Elements F1129 & F1141 Series continuous spiral stainless steel fin on 10.7mm diameter stainless steel element. Diameter over fin 30mm. Fin pitch 5.0mm nominal

Multi-Purpose Elements

Multi-purpose elements give the user the ability to shape or modify an element for use in a wide variety of heating applications, whether in liquid, acid, alkaline or air environments. These elements are ideally suited for prototype runs or urgent repairs.

Industrial Pocket Heaters

BJC Pocket Heaters are the ideal heating element to specify in applications where it is not suitable for the heating element to be in direct contact with the product being heated.

Industrial Cooking Elements

Industrial catering and hospitality elements are made to suit any specification from “bench-top” appliances to the largest bakery ovens, fryers, grills and more.

Defrost & Evaporator Elements

The most common application for this type of heater is as a defrost element in domestic and commercial refrigerators.

Similarly, these heaters are used in commercial refrigerators and freezers found in almost every supermarket, petrol station and restaurant.

Defrost & Evaporator Trays

A range of condensate trays are available, to suit any size of chiller or freezer. These are ideal in situations where "hard plumbing" is not an option.

Immersion Heaters: Custom

Custom built and designed Immersion Elements for a wide range of applications made to suit screw in and bolt on mounting requirements.

Immersion Heaters: BJC Range

BJC's Range of Immersion Elements are all fitted with 2" BSP brass bosses, and are manufactured using 8mm 309S Grade Stainless Steel.


View some of the standard fittings BJC Elements Ltd stocks for use in general applications, please note that we can source or manufacture any custom fittings required if they are not shown in this list

Terminations for Tubular Elements

Our range of terminals shown are fully assembled with nuts and washers etc., but are also available in unassembled form. These are in addition to a wide range of proprietary terminals.

Cartridge Elements

Our range of cartridge elements is commonly used in plastic dies, moulds, platens, bag sealers, carton making, show machinery, food vending, defrosting, electrical switch gear cabinets and a host of other applications.

Drum Heaters

The 200 litre (44 Gallon) drum is still today the container of choice to hold many solid, liquid and semi-liquid products. To heat these products, an electric drum heater is the safest and most efficient way of heating the contents.

Engine Water Jacket Heaters

For many years the BJC water jacket heater element has helped keep Emergency vehicles ready for action by keeping the engine's water system hot.

Load Banks

BJC load banks are made from high quality materials including stainless steel, or they can be powder coated from a selection of different colours.

Mica Based Elements

The uses for mica based heating elements are virtually endless, ranging from band heaters used on injection moulding machines to heater banks used in domestic home heaters.